findings - Factorsaffecting MIT ChE Students(Batch 2009 to...

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Factors affecting MIT ChE Students (Batch 2009) to use of  Old Examination (OT) 1 Romero, Von Joby M.,  2 Macabale, Jonas A. 1 Student, School of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Material Science Engineering, Mapua Institute of Technology;  2 Student, School of  Electrical, Electronics and Communications and Computer Engineering, Mapua Institute of Technology ABSTRACT Jonas. This is your part. . hahaha INTRODUCTION People,   sometimes,   commit   prohibited   acts,   such   as  cheating, in order to be ahead or to advance on others. It  is a sinful manner, in a way, but considered to be an  option for those who need to do it.  1 Cheating is generally  described as the violation of rules to gain advantage over  a competitive situation. It can be also defined as a form of  corruption, act of deceiving, depriving by trickery, marital  infidelity, fooling others by illusion and so on.  3 Moreover,  according to Wikipedia, one thing in common among the  forms of cheating is that all of these misconducts and  violations to the customary rules are due to certain drives  and issues. This type of violation is then characterized to  be reasonable in the perspective of the offender because  of   the   presence   of   his   reasons   to   the   extent   that   he  assumes that it is practical. On   the   other   hand,   the   usual   form   of   cheating   is  ‘Academic   Cheating.’   2 It   is   define   as   an   academic  misconduct that refers to acts committed by students that  deceive, mislead, or fool the teacher into thinking that the  academic work submitted by the student was a student’s  own   work.   Incidents   of   cheating   are   rampant   in   any  educational institutes which are sometimes neglected and  tolerated   due   to   the   fact   that   it   is   normal   almost   to  everyone. However, the unnoticed reasons of academic  cheating, seemingly generates the big question, “Why are  they forced to do so?” This report aims to determine the  factors   affecting   the   students   of   Mapua   Institute   of  Technology to use OT (Old Examination) which is the  most common type of cheating medium at the mentioned  institution. Cheating Motivators Definitely, students commit ‘academic cheating’ because  of various factors. At MIT, general influences which drive  the students to commit cheating are as follows: repeated   or   recycled   examinations   –  Recycled   examinations   allows   the  student, to use OT instead of having a  full review. It drives the student to be  dependent on it. absence   of   professor   during 
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findings - Factorsaffecting MIT ChE Students(Batch 2009 to...

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