crt205 wk 1 checkpoint

crt205 wk 1 checkpoint - report her friend to Human...

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TAKING A POSITION 1 Taking a Position Jaclyn Russo CRT/205 19:00:06 Juan Salazar
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TAKING A POSITION 2 The key issue of this comic strip was an ethical issue that Tanya was imposing on her coworker and friend Anita. Anita took time to respond to the information she was being given, and ironically had financial issue of her own to deal with, in addition to the thoughts she had regarding her friend Tanya. Anita had to weigh the positives and negatives of what would happen to her if she decided to steal money at her job; she had to respond versus react. I do not feel that Anita suspended her judgment; her current situation was creating a temptation for her to do the wrong thing. I think that Anita was torn between making a decision on what to do with the information she had about her coworker. I think there was definitely a moral value judgment made when Anita decided that she was going to have to
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Unformatted text preview: report her friend to Human Resources. Anita made a decision to report her friend after careful thought, because she had to make a decision to act on the newly acquired information she had, she did not solve a problem or take action as a result of her stance. I can recall a situation when I was a child I found a 100 dollar bill lying on the curb, in my neighborhood. I immediately wanted to keep the money to myself and spend it on toys and candy but, I remember having a conflicting forethought to tell my parents. I took a few hours before I decide to tell my parents, because I kept thinking about what I was taught, not to steal, but I really wanted new things. I ended up responding with a moral value judgment because my conscience took over; I told my parents what I found. I made a decision to tell my parents, I had no position in the matter, nor did I solve a problem....
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crt205 wk 1 checkpoint - report her friend to Human...

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