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crt 205 analyzing credibility

crt 205 analyzing credibility - today’s news you always...

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ANALYZING CREDIBILITY 1 Analyzing Credibility Jaclyn Russo CRT/205 19:00:06 Juan Salazar
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ANALYZING CREDIBILITY 2 The two commercials that I chose were Johnson and Johnson and Pedigree commercials. The actual owners of the companies paid for the commercials. The ad companies made up the sayings then let the owners give them the permission to advertise the commercials. The Johnson and Johnson commercial I did not detect a slant aside from their stated desire to make the world a better place to live and help other people. In the Pedigree commercial I didn’t detect a slant aside from their stated desire to make the world better place. It was more focused on dog’s health than people’s health. The Johnson and Johnson commercial reflects the innate desire that I believe we all use to help the world a better place. The Pedigree commercial focused on people’s sense of humor. You are not able to watch this commercial and not laugh. It makes you think that with this product your dog smiles. I think that in
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Unformatted text preview: today’s news you always have to be skeptical as what you hear on the news. As many outlets are very biased as to one party or the other. This Larry King interview was basically an interview of Giuliani’s experience from September 11. I didn’t detect any bias with the CNN interview. It was just an interview, and didn’t broadcast any particular message. The Johnson and Johnson ad makes a claim that” having a healthy baby changes everything you would want.” Johnson and Johnsons commercial plays into my desire, to cherish my children and every moment that I have with them. I think it targets an existing desire and creates a new desire. Having a baby is a big thing. And it creates generations around the world. I think that it uses admirable people to persuade people to buy their product. Yes, I would make a purchase. I use Johnson and Johnson’s products. I like the smell of the baby product and the feeling that it leaves on my skin and my babies....
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