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thesis statement - out medically by helping people with...

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The legalization of marijuana could benefit the country medically and economically by increasing revenue and treating symptoms of many illnesses. The arguments I will be making are that the legalization of marijuana will help the economy by increasing revenue by releasing many funds that the government uses to stop the buying and selling of marijuana as well as the prison population decreasing by not going after marijuana offenders. I will also be arguing that the legalization of marijuana will help our society
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Unformatted text preview: out medically by helping people with their symptoms of illnesses that cannot be bettered by regular drugs that are on the market. The arguments that I expect to counter are that legalizing marijuana will make the drug gangs in this country increase their profit and that legalizing marijuana will have no negative effects on the economy that we live in today. I will also be arguing the people that say there is no real correlation between marijuana and the effects it has on people with terminal illnesses....
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