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discussion 1 wk 2 english

discussion 1 wk 2 english - restricted use by government...

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o Where do you normally find information for topics that interest you? and, o How do you know when sources are reliable? When doing research for papers or finding books that interest me I normally use the internet. The internet is a great source for finding just about anything and everything. To find information on topics that interest me I also go to used book stores, new book stores and the library. When using the internet I have to be careful to make sure that it is a reliable source of information and not just someone’s opinion. It is important if you are going to use internet sources for research, you do your own research on the website because there are so many. When using the internet I prefer the search websites of Google, Dictionary.com or Wikipedia. I am also looking for websites that end with .gov, or .edu, I find that these are reliable sources. The websites that use .gov are reliable because the name is derived from government, indicating its
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Unformatted text preview: restricted use by government entities in the United States . I like websites that have .edu because its name is derived from education, indicating its intended use as a name space for educational institutions. When going to the library it is easy to find the topics that I’m looking for because they now have computers that you enter exactly what type of book or article you are looking for and it tells you where to locate it and if it is in stock. When using the library search engine you are able to preview the books or articles so you can do a cursory check and judge for yourself if it is reliable or not. When I go to the book stores to locate information for research I find that it is important to check the book’s sources, did this author use any known works for research, or is it just a book about opinions instead of hard facts. I find that using these techniques when researching helps that I will have valid information....
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