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I . The legalization of marijuana will help the country’s economy. A. The United States spends many millions of dollars every year on prohibition. 1. If marijuana is legalized it can be taxed, therefore bringing in revenue for the country. 2. Legalizing marijuana will help free up space in the prisons and we will waste less money on trying to build new jails because of over population in the system. 3. Marijuana becoming legalized can also cut down on the amount of drug crimes that happen
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Unformatted text preview: in this world. II. Marijuana can be helpful for people with long term illnesses when used for medicinal purposes. 1. Marijuana is not as dangerous as other drugs. 2. Marijuana can counteract some of the side effects of terminal illnesses. The most effective arguments are throughout the paper, not just in one section. I will be able to show proof that legalizing marijuana will outweigh the downsides to not legalizing it....
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