SCI 164 WK 4 DUE WED - sure to target each major body part...

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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY 1 Physical Activity Jaclyn Russo SCI/164 19:00:10 Miranda Frazier
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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY 2 Regular physical activity has so many positive and helpful factors it is amazing we don’t incorporate even more in our daily lives. It improves health and wellness in almost every aspect. Brain, Joints, Heart, Bones are just some of the parts of the body that are positively influenced when active. It has been shown to improve more than 50 physical, metabolic and psychological aspects of life. Stretching is a very important part pre-workout. It prepares the body for exercise and prepares the body from a transition of rest to physical activity. A good key is a 5 minute warm up this warms up the muscles and the connective tissue. This is very important so you do not injure yourself. Making
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Unformatted text preview: sure to target each major body part and muscle is very important, the last thing you want to do is injure yourself, any injury will limit your ability to do physical activity at all. If I was suggesting a friend should work out I would first find out what kind of activities they enjoyed doing and target that type of method to their work out. Working out should be fun and not a process. I would also find out there physical ability and target so exercises and weight training that was to their ability. To motivate them I would talk about how much better you feel. How it is good for not only your body but your brain. You have more energy, stamina and overall being physically active just makes you generally happier....
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SCI 164 WK 4 DUE WED - sure to target each major body part...

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