ETH 125 CHECKPOINT WK 3 - better education or skill and...

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MODERN CHALLENGES IN IMMIGRATION 1 Modern Challenges in Immigration Jaclyn Russo ETH/125 19:00:29 Keith Makedonsky
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MODERN CHALLENGES IN IMMIGRATION 2 The US government policy should not favor certain kinds of immigrants since it can be viewed as unfairness or discrimination. If the policy is to select educated immigrants over unskilled ones, than who will do the jobs that most American refuse or are unwilling to do. Skilled or unskilled immigrants contribute to the economy of the US whether it’s illegally or legally. I have seen that the richest in one country, the neediest, or the most talented immigrant must come to a new country and start all over. That means most immigrants come to work and provide a better life and future for their families and their previous position in their country has nothing to do with their way of life in the US. Having a
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Unformatted text preview: better education or skill and immigrating to the US might help you but it will not determine your life in the US. Immigrants will have to work their way as everyone else does in this country. Immigrants should be allowed to remain in the country and work towards their residency and citizenship. Illegal immigrants can work in the US and still pay taxes. I believe this is a requirement that should be looked at for consideration of allowing an immigrant to remain in the US and work towards residency. I believe there shouldnt be favoritism; allowing only Cubans who reach US soil to be granted refuge under the wet feet, dry feet policy. Many other nationalities from different countries come in the US and are deported back if caught. Everyone should be treated equally and granted the same assistant as any other immigrant....
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ETH 125 CHECKPOINT WK 3 - better education or skill and...

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