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eth 125 implicit test - mom was getting more and more...

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IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST 1 Implicit Association Test Jaclyn Russo 7/29/2011 Eth/125 Keith Makedonsky
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IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST 2 My test results stated that I slightly prefer European Americans over African Americans. In my opinion, I do think it is difficult to accurately measure prejudice because you can be a true blue racist and still mark the wrong answers to make it appears that you are not. I personally would rather be truthful on things like this, because I want to know. I thought that my test would be different than the way that it turned out because I have several friends that are African American, and I do not see them any different as my other friends. I can remember as a child the first time I ever seen someone that was a different color than me, and I tried to get my mom’s attention, we were at the doctor’s office out of town, so I had never seen someone like that, my
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Unformatted text preview: mom was getting more and more embarrassed, finally she asked me what I wanted, and I told that the little boy’s daddy had his shoelace untied. It wasn’t the fact that the kid and his dad were a different color. The other measurements that sociologist use to measure prejudice is Bogards Social Distance Scale. Unlike Implicit Association, it measures only what people will admit to at high face value. I feel that the IAT will be a better way to go because, I don’t think I would want to take a test that measures everything I said at face value, because what would that mean if you were having a bad day? Would that mean that you would be considered prejudice because of a certain mood you happened to be in that day?...
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