local environment - and there is really no grass to help...

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LOCAL ENVIRONMENT 1 Local Environment Jaclyn Russo SCI/275 March 10, 2011 Melissa Filiaggi
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LOCAL ENVIRONMENT 2 A major issue in the Las Vegas, NV area is air pollution as well as over population which I believe is one of the causes of pollution. Nevada does try to keep down the problem of pollution requiring all cars to get smog tested every year. I believe that all states should implement this even if it isn’t an issue in that state because it will help avoid pollution becoming an issue. Las Vegas has a population of about 583,756 people, that is a big amount for one city and that is why air pollution is an issue. When I drive through the neighborhoods here I am surprised to see how close together all the houses are, there are basically no yards, therefore not many trees
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Unformatted text preview: and there is really no grass to help create better air. There are only busses for public transportation which does release air pollution, there are no subways or any other type of public transportation that could help cut down on air pollution even more. Because this city is so large many people choose to drive their own vehicles because it can take too long to get on a bus and go to your location, sometimes you have to leave three hours earlier then when you are supposed to arrive at your destination. I believe that that is one of the biggest issues for public transportation, it just takes to long to get where you need to go....
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local environment - and there is really no grass to help...

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