7.1.Performance enhancing drugs.OTC

7.1.Performance enhancing drugs.OTC - Performance-...

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Unformatted text preview: Performance- Enhancing Drugs Drugs Used for Performance Enhancement ! Stimulants ! Steroids ! Human growth hormone ! Creatine Stimulants as Performance Enhancers ! Effectiveness ! Studies indicate that most athletes perform better on amphetamines, but the improvement is small ! Small improvements can make a big difference at high levels of competition Stimulants as Performance Enhancers ! ______________ ! On Olympic and NCAA lists of banned substances ! Professional sports organizations were slower to ban it ! NFL eventually banned it but Major League Baseball did not ! Players continued to use it for its stimulant effects and for weight loss ! Death of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler in 2003 was attributed to heat stroke brought on by ________ ! FDA was able to ban ___________________ in dietary supplements in 2004 Stimulants as Performance Enhancers ! Current use ! Some athletes continue to use stimulants during training and then discontinue use several days before competition to avoid testing positive ! Risks of use Steroids ! Physical effects of natural testosterone ! Androgenic effects (masculinizing) ! Anabolic effects (tissue building) Steroids: Effectiveness at Improving Athletic Performance ! Mixed and controversial research Fndings ! Testosterone builds muscle mass and strength during puberty ! Animal studies: Synthetic anabolic steroids build muscle in castrated animals ! Laboratory research on healthy men ! Research Fndings may not match word-of-mouth Steroids: Issues in Research ! DifFcult to extrapolate laboratory Fndings to athletes ! Psychological effects of steroids may affect results !...
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7.1.Performance enhancing drugs.OTC - Performance-...

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