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homework 3 - Introduction to Computer Vision CSE 152,...

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Introduction to Computer Vision Name : CSE 152, Spring 2011 Student ID : David Kriegman E-Mail : Assignment #3 (Due date: 05/24/2011 ) 05/26/2011 Instructions Please comment all your Matlab code adequately Turn in a hard copy in class including your answers to the paper-and-pencil questions as well as the printout of your code and results for programming questions. In addition, please email to cutran@cs.ucsd.edu a copy of your code. If it is a single file, just send the .m file. If it is contained in multiple files, send a zip or tar file. In the subject line, please put the string: “CSE152 Assignment 3”. Epipolar Geometry 1. [15 points] Consider two cameras whose image planes are the z=1 plane, and whose focal points are at (-12, 0, 0) and (12, 0, 0). We’ll call a point in the first camera (x, y), and a point in the second camera (u, v). Points in each camera are relative to the camera center. So, for example if (x, y) = (0, 0), this is really the point (-12, 0, 1) in world coordinates, while if (u, v) = (0, 0) this is the point (12, 0, 1). Figure 1 a. [5 points] Suppose the points (x, y) = (6, 6) is matched with disparity of 5 to the point (u, v) = (1, 6). What is the 3D location of this point? b. [10 points] Consider points that lie on the line x + z = 0, y = 0. Use the same stereo set up as before. Write an analytic expression giving the disparity of a point on this line after it projects onto the two
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homework 3 - Introduction to Computer Vision CSE 152,...

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