2300HW02 - ECE 2300 CIRCUIT ANALYSIS HOMEWORK #2 Notes a)...

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ECE 2300 – CIRCUIT ANALYSIS HOMEWORK #2 Notes a) Power terminology: In class we use the terms “delivered” and “absorbed” to indicate the direction of power flow. For example, the battery in a flashlight “delivers” electrical power to the bulb; the bulb “absorbs” electrical power. Nilsson/Riedel uses various terms: “supplied” is equivalent to “delivered”, and “dissipated” is equivalent to “absorbed”. They also use the term “developed” to mean either case, that is, they want you to calculate the power in each circuit element, and find out whether positive power is delivered or absorbed. Then, take the values of the power expressions for positive power absorbed and add these results. Do the same thing for the power expressions for power delivered. These two sums should be equal. Each sum is equal to the power developed in the circuit. b) In class we defined “ideal” voltage and current sources. Real voltage and current sources (the kind you actually buy or build) do not behave like ideal sources. Nilsson/Riedel refers to “practical constant current” and “practical constant voltage” sources to describe the way real sources behave. The data table in Problem 2 below is imagined to have been taken on “real” sources, as opposed to “ideal” sources. That problem asks you to construct a circuit model of the practical voltage source, which can be modeled as an ideal voltage source in series with a resistor. Problem 3 below asks you to model a device as a practical current source, which can be modeled as an ideal current source in parallel with a resistor. 1. This problem comes from Dr. Shattuck’s computer-assisted learning project, which is found on the engineering domain at \\Laser\UHCourses\Ece2300\Dr_Dave_Project. Note that this directory cannot be accessed from the web; you will need to access it from the Engineering Computer Center (ECC), or from another location that allows you access to the domain folders. When you find the directory, do the following. a) Open the file DPKC_Mod01_Part01_v07.ppt and view the slide show found there. This is best done by putting the presentation in Slide Show Mode: from the menu, click on “Slide Show”, and then “View Show”. Clicking the mouse or pressing the space bar will take you through the slide show. Based on what you have seen, write one or two sentences to answer the question, “Why bother with Reference Polarities?” Remember
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2300HW02 - ECE 2300 CIRCUIT ANALYSIS HOMEWORK #2 Notes a)...

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