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Lecture 10, March 6 - Lecture 10 March 6 2008 I Commonsense...

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Lecture 10 March 6, 2008 I. Commonsense definition of social support a. Resources provided by other people b. Protects individuals form undue stress: feeling that you matter c. Provides things that people need to cope: need at particular time II. Problems with commonsense definition a. Vague, oversimplified: measured with one question: You married- had social support b. No theory of etiology: does it tell us how it affects our health? c. No theory of treatment: can’t just give an social support, need to be in a relationship i. Get social support automatically if it is a good relationship III. James House’s systematic definition: 4 dimensions of social support a. Emotional closeness i. Feeling of being loved and other being sympathetic to you ii. Need a little bit all the time b. Instrumental aid i. Goods, services and stuff (physical resources you get from others) ii. Ordinary routine service that we exchange with others iii. Marriages boil down to who stays home with sick kid c. Information i. Jobs 1. 5% or less get jobs through want adds and employment agencies
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2. Get jobs through personal networking a. Getting right info at the right time 3. Limited circle of information, strangers friend of a friend, have info that the circle of friends does not have a. 6 degrees of separation i. Had total strangers given info on strangers on other side of country and your task is to get that letter across state. Ask friend of friends ii.
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