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142anatomyreview01 - Anatomy Review Bones Composition...

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Anatomy Review Bones Composition Marrow Cavity – at the epiphysis Compact Bone – long bone Spongy (Cancellous) Bone – in the ends of the bone Diaphysis (shaft) – long part of the bone Epiphyses – ends of the bone Articular Cartilage – where bones join Periosteum – covers the long bone, not at the epiphysis Nutrient Artery – in the diaphysis Skull Frontal - front Parietal - top Occipital – lower back Mandible - jaw Maxilla – top jaw Zygomatic - cheek Thorax Ribs Sternum Manubrium - top Body - middle Xiphoid Process - bottom Vertebral Column Cervical segment - 7 Thoracic segment - 12 Lumbar segment - 5 Sacrum – fused 5 Coccyx – fused 3-5 Pectoral Girdle Clavicle – front shoulder Scapula – flat, back shoulder Coracoid Process – front of the scapula Acromion Process – clavicle to scapula (top of the shoulder) Subscapular Fossa – anterior view of the scaplula -> large surface (minor indentation) Upper Arm, Forearm Humerus – upper arm long bone Head – top epiphyses
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