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142anatomyreview03 - Tendons Glenohumeral Ligament –...

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Arthrology Knee Joint Patella Tibia Fibula Femur Bursa – fluid filled sac Cruciate ligaments (cross ligament to prevent front to back shearing) Anterior – behind the kneecap Posterior – inside. Collateral ligaments (vertical ligaments that prevent left to right shearing) Medial (tibial) - inside Lateral (fibular) - outside Medial Meniscus – between condyles of femur and tibia Lateral Meniscus – between the condyles of femur and tibia Articular Cartilage – stuff inbetween the two bones. Less friction because of it Fibrous Joint Capsule – covers around the tibia and femur where they join. (not patella) Patellar Ligament – hold the kneecap Hip Joint Ilium Ishium Pubis Acetabulum – where the femur articulates Femur Head - Neck Iliofemoral Ligament – joins the hip and the femur (anterior) Ischoiofemoral Ligament – joins the hip and the femur, connected on the posterior angle Shoulder Joint Acromion Process – Coracoid Process Bursae Corcohumeral Ligament – joins the coracoid process and the humerus
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Unformatted text preview: Tendons Glenohumeral Ligament – joins the glenohumeral fossa and the humerus Ankle Joint Tibia Fibia Calcaneus Achilles Tendon Anterior Talofibular ligament – runs anteromedially from the lateral malleolus to the neck of the talus. in an inversion sprain at the ankle joint, this is the first ligament to be sprained Calcaneal fibular ligament - runs from the calcaneus to the fibula. this is the second line of defense against inversion sprains Deltoid (medial) ligament - a broad ligament that runs from the medial malleolus of the tibia to the navicular bone anteriorly, and the talus and calcaneus distally and posteriorly Inferior extensor retinaculum - a Y-shaped band of fascia that wraps over and secures a number of tendons Plantar ligaments - play an important role in maintaining the arches of the foot. Joint Movements Elbow Flexion Extension Shoulder Joint Flexion Extension Abduction Adduction Horizontal Flexion...
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