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142anatomyreview04 - Inward Rotation Outward Rotation Hip...

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Inward Rotation Outward Rotation Hip Joint Flexion Extension Abduction Adduction Knee Joint Flexion Extension Ankle Joint Plantar Flexion Dorsal Flexion Myology Shoulder Girdle Bones Clavicle Scapula Movements Retraction – movement of the scapula medially towards the vertebral column Protraction – opposite to retraction, scapula moves laterally away from vertebral column Elevation and depression – upward and downward movements of the scapula without any rotation Upward Rotation – rotation the inferior angle of the scapula away from the vertebral column Downward Rotation – rotation the inferior angle of the scapula toward the vertebral column Muscles Trapezius Muscle Origin – base of skull, ligaments of neck, all thoracic vertebrae , 7 th cervical Insertion – posterior outer third of the clavicle, top of spine and scapula Actions – upward rotation of the scapula; elevation of the scapula; retraction of scapula Serrratus Anterior Muscle
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