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Coronary arteries (left and right) Arteries Right/Left common carotid arteries Internal carotid artery External carotid artery Brachiocephalic artery Subclavian artery Axillary atery Brachial artery Radial artery Ulnar artery Abdominal aorta Hepatic arteries Renal artery Common iliac artery External iliac artery Femoral artery Popliteal artery Anterior tibial artery Posterior tibial artery Veins Inferior vena cava Superior vena cava Brachiocephalic vein Internal jugular vein External jugular vein Subclavian vein Axillary vein Brachial vein Radial vein Ulnar vein Cephalic vein Basilic vein Hepatic veins Renal vein Common iliac vein External iliac vein Femoral vein Popliteal vein Anterior tibial vein Posterior tibial vein Saphenous vein Nervous System Brain Pre-motor cortex – middle front, top of the brain, coordination of learned motor responses Primary motor cortex – behind pre-motor cortex, middle top of brain, direct voluntary movements by controlling somatic motor neurons in the brain stem & spinal cord
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Unformatted text preview: Somatosensory cortex – touch, pain, hot cold, goes to somatosensory Cerebral cortex Frontal - front Parietal – middle top Temporal – left side, lower Occipital – back lower part of the brain Cranial nerves – bottom front underneath the brain, movement, touch, for face and head Vertebra/Spinal Cord Body of vertebra – front of the spinal cord (big part) Vertebral arch – the “v” shaped on the back Transverse process – beside the body of the vertebrae (left and right) Spinous process – sticks out on the back of the vertebra Yellow ligament – inside the vertebral arch, outside spine Posterior longitudinal ligament – behind vertebra body Vertebral artery – major artery, left and right of vertebral body Gray substance – inner matter of spine White substance – outer matter of spine Ventral root of cervical nerve – nerves connected to spinal cord Dorsal root of cervical nerve – next to ventral root, connected to spinal cord...
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  • Common carotid artery, External iliac artery, Anterior tibial artery, posterior tibial artery, External iliac vein, Posterior tibial vein

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