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Lab Assignment #1 Erin Tait (301144845) Maps, Space, Direction Refer to Lab Manual Exercise 1 (topographic map sections only). Students will be supplied with a map sheet, a ruler, a protractor for use in the lab. ASSIGNMENT due in 1 week 1. Give the number of degrees from north for: a. SE =___________________ b. SW = __________________ c. NNW= ________________ d. ESE = _________________ e. ENE = _________________ 2. What is the direction to magnetic north (relative to true north) in 2011 ( declination ), assuming the information on this map is the most recent you have? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Does Figure 1.2.1 of text support your answer? ____________________ 3. Port Coquitlam 1:50,000 map a. What is the elevation difference between consecutive heavy (darker) contours? _____________________ metres b. What is the elevation of Coquitlam Lake? _____________________ c. What is the highest elevation on Coquitlam Island? ________________ d. What is the Latitude and Longitude of the northern end of Buntzen Lake? Give your answer in degrees and minutes and seconds of Lat. and Long. (1 degree = 60 minutes or ‘, and 1 minute = 60 seconds or “of Latitude or Longitude) _________________________________________________________________ And in Easting/Northing _______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ e. What feature is at 122 o 56’30” W, 49 o 20’ N? ___________________________ f. To go from location D to location E, what direction do you go? Give your answer in 16 point compass (approximately—see background notes page 5). ______________________________________________________________________ g. Go to Lab Manual page 5. This is practice for maps in “British” units. Answer questions 13, 14, 15 modified for YOUR MAP, the Port Coquitlam Map Sheet. 1 G111 – Jan 11 th , 2011
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Lab Assignment #1 Erin Tait (301144845) 4. You have different scale maps. One foot equals 12 inches. One mile equals 5280 feet. One inch on the map equals how much on Earth? a. For a scale of 1:24,000 ______________ feet on Earth b. For a scale of 1:63,630 ______________ miles on Earth c. For a scale of 1:250,000 ______________ miles on Earth 5. What is the… a. Width of the map along the southern edge (km)? ______________ b. Length of the map along the eastern edge (km)?_______________ 6. How many square kilometers are represented on your map? ____________________ 7. Now turn to page 12-13 of your Lab Manual. Answer questions 31-37 . 8.
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G111LabAssign1Spr11 - Lab Assignment#1 Erin Tait(301144845...

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