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2 If a person has a mass of 80 kg, his weight : (80 kg) (9.81 m/s2) : 785 N The moon has 1/6 the gravity of earth so the above person would weigh 131 N. Same mass, different weight. We sometimes use a force unit of convenience called a kilopond (kp). ;$ffiIopoadt$riqua*to 9.81Nghence if you have a mass of 80 kg, you weigh 80 kp. / - f ryf- *rtC X twaant a'fn Torque,- the b-io-dffiXof$orceland(the pdrpendicular distance from the force's line of action to the *iioiiotuti'o") it -;, ffitiFT-"s rotary force. units: Newton- meters O'm) or a joule (J)' ftsut 1,'i;;-, Moment afifi'-_ the perpendicular distance between the force's line of action and the axis 'l of rotation. Mechanical advantage%f u l.'u", - [email protected] arm length]to fesistance arrn lenglh/ hence MA = FA/IL{ l Volume - the amount of space that a body occupies. Pressure - force distributed over
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Unformatted text preview: : N/cm2 P:F/A. SI unit is the E.ffi#!i.lff4$l.,[email protected] This is a very small pressure so kPa is a more common unit used. a Compression -3[eqq!gg*or squeezing force directly axially through a body Tension - qlltilg or stretching force directly axially through a body Shear - force directed parallel to a surface (i.e., a force that causes parts of a material to slide past one another in opposite directions). Mechanical stress : F/A Similar to pressure. Liftine A Heaw Obiect From the Floor [email protected]'tbea''hero''.lJse" techniques that minimizethe actual weight of the load being handled.-l. Stand facing the object with your feet flat on the floor, at shoulder width, and pointing straight ahead. Ensure that you have a sfable base of support so that you don't slip as \ ou are lifting the load....
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