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j I I I \, Causes of Depress,,;r, I What are the causes of depression among young people? Kimberly S. Young, Psd.D. and Robert C. Rogers (1993). The Relationship Befiveen Volume 1, Number 1, 1998 Depression and Internet Addiction. CyberPsychology & Behavior Mary Ann Liebert,Inc. This article discusses the relationship between depression and internet addiction. It is chosen because nowadays a certain amount of young people are involved in addictive internet use, which may act as a risk factor of depression among young people. The findings of the study based on online-survey suggest that increased levels of depression are associated with those who become addicted to the Internet. Thus it is relevant to the question addressed as it provides a cause of depression among young people. The evidence in this article could be considered as a This article claims that clinical depression is significantly associated with increased // levels of personal Internet use,
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Unformatted text preview: and ,r/ internet addiction. However these results do not clearly indicate whether depression preceded the development of such Intemet abuse of if it was a consequence. On the other hand, the self--r'*'-*-"\--t .'/ selected samples in the study include several biases (On-line users entering keyword internet or addictionmat not be addictive to intern&dii.ia"A the on-line responses may not be accurate enough for research use. In addition, the study does not focus on young population specifically. Jane M Burns, Gavin Andrews and Marianna Szabo (2002). Depression in young people: what causes it and can we prevent it? MJA Vol 177, 7 October 2002,593- 596 This article concludes that risk factors for depression in young people lie in part in their environment, and in part in their interpretation of that environment. It is chosen because it gives cros6 sectional survey....
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