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Causes of Depression 5 population' As female population cannot represent the whole pouylation this study can hardly be used to analyze the facts among the total young population J Pamela euarter, Stephen L. Brown, penny Munn, Ken J. Rotenberg e00g). childhood loneliness as a predictor of adorescent depressive symptoms: an g-year longitudinal study. Eur childAdoresc psychiatry e0I0) t9:493-501 This article introduces an 8-year longitudinal study and the findings show that those children who are consistently high in peer loneliness across time were later likely to report depressed feelings' This article is chosen because it indicates that enduring peer-related loneliness during'childhood constitutes an interpersonal stressor that predisposes children to adolescent depressive symptoms' Thus it is relevant to the addressed question and provides a reason for depression among young people. This study indicates strong correlation between loneliness and depression over an
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Unformatted text preview: g-vear period from earlylmiddle childhood to adolescence. The article also suggests that HpA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) changes or depressogenic cognitive biases may play a role in the processes by which this occurs. However, there is limitation. The sample T1 depression may not be fully controlled because they are not optimally measured. There are also alternative sequentlal- mq4-eli$t!3ve not been tested )*t-K X:J /'' * \ -{Lt,) v^ \ I Brief Summary ) ' _-_/ The causes of depression are very complex. But there are several characteristic causes of Jepression among young population. From the researches above, it can be concluded that internet addiction, cannabis use, childhood loneliness, poor social network and family climate, ne-eative life events and non-supportive school or familial environments may contribute to depression among young population. Among all the causes above, internet addiction is ,C J'lr\ l,\ uA\'-\i7 5+".r'1 ''...
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