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Causes of Depression 6 considered also possible to be a result ofdepression and further research is needed to focus on the influence of addictive internet use on the young population. In addition, cannabis use turns out to be closely related only to the female young population. More information about the male young population is needed. Moreover, poor social network and family climate ma1'contribute to dysthymia and depression with conduct disorder but not major depression. Although there is no
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Unformatted text preview: causal relationship concluded, there are still reasons to believe social net rvork and famill-climate piays an important role in the development of depression in young population. ln further research, it is better to control the factors like age and gender differences and impror-e the research methods. 4 (-^/ ( -, /) n\ ^ ^* ,- .+ N \u/\-, -r \ I.--->\ Y ^ V:-.\ 's'v,cr-'\! efll \a 'tl/r >/z AYA...
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