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College of the Canyons General Chemistry 151 Section 75837 Summer 2010 Introduction Hello, my name is Dr. Robert McBroom ( robert.mcbroom@canyons.edu ) and welcome to Preparatory General Chemistry 151, a one semester preparatory course for CHEM 201. CHEM 151 offers you an intensive foundation in problem solving, basic atomic theory, stoichiometry, nomenclature, states of matter, and solution chemistry. Laboratory experiences will reinforce principles and concepts learned online. You will learn how to work with glassware and equipment found in modern chemistry labs. Students that need a non-majors introductory course should take CHEM 110. 4 units: UC:CSU transferable UC credit limitation: CHEM 110 and 151 combined, maximum credit, one course Grading : Letter Grade Prerequisite: Math 060, or its equivalent as determined by COC Assessment Center This summer section of CHEM 151 is an intense 5 week class. We will have lecture, worksheets, and lab nearly every day, and an exam nearly every week, with a few quizzes as well. We will be covering about one chapter in the book per day. It is extremely important that you attend all the class meetings, as missing a single class is equivalent to missing an entire week of a regular semester. A Typical Day Lecture on a chapter from the book Complete in class the assigned online worksheets at the Mastering Chemistry website. Whatever isn’t completed in class will need to be completed at home.
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orientation letter - College of the Canyons General...

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