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HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYLLABUS – ACNT 1331 Federal Income Tax - Individuals (Via Distance Education ) Instructor Information : Instructor: Dr. Greg Bischoff, CMA Email: Blackboard “Mail” Prerequisite: ACCT 2302 (Principles of Accounting II – Managerial Accounting) Course Description: This course covers the basic instruction in the individual income tax laws as currently implemented by the United States Federal Government, Internal Revenue Service and provides a working knowledge of preparing taxes for the individual. The course covers the following subjects regarding the taxation of individuals; gross income, deductions, losses, credits, tax computations, basis determination, capital gains and losses, depreciable business property, and installment sales. Course Goals: The primary purpose of Federal Income Tax: Individual, is to provide the student with a comprehensive course covering individual taxation. The course is designed to meet the needs of those students who are preparing for a career in accounting and/or taxation. Textbook and Related Material (Required): Text: South-Western Federal Taxation: Individual Income Taxes, 2011 Edition , by Hoffman/Smith/Willis. Mason, Ohio; Cengage Learning, 2011. Optional Materials For forms & publications, visit the Internal Revenue Service website at: . Forms and publications may be ordered by calling: 1-800-829-3676. Students with Disabilities: Any student with a documented disability (e.g. physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, etc.) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact the Disability Services Office at the respective college at the beginning of each semester. Faculty is authorized to provide only the accommodations requested by the Disability Support Services Office. For questions, please contact Donna Price at 713.718.5165 or the Disability
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Counselor at your college. To visit the ADA Web site, please visit then click Future students, scroll down the page and click on the words Disability Information. District ADA Coordinator – Donna Price – 713.718.5165 Central ADA Counselors – Jaime Torres - 713.718.6164 Martha Scribner – 713.718.6164 Northeast ADA Counselor- Kim Ingram – 713.718.8420 Northwest ADA Counselor – Mahnaz Kolaini – 713.718.5422 Southeast ADA Counselor – Jette Lott - 713.718.7218 Southwest ADA Counselor – Dr. Becky Hauri – 713.718.7910 Coleman ADA Counselor – Dr. Raj Gupta – 713.718.7631 Academic Honesty: Students are responsible for conducting themselves with honor and integrity in fulfilling course requirements. Penalties and/or disciplinary proceedings may be initiated against a student accused of scholastic dishonesty. “Scholarly dishonesty” includes, but is not limited to, cheating on a test, plagiarism, and collusion. HCC Course Withdrawal Policy
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