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Houston Community College System Distance Education COMM 1307: Introduction to Mass Communication in the Electronic Environment Summer (2 st five weeks) 2011 (Section 86483) Instructor: Location/Time: DAY TIME ROOM Marcelo Gonzalez 713-718-7820 [email protected] Appointments available upon request COURSE DESCRIPTION: COMM 1307 Prerequisites: Must be placed into college-level reading (or take GUST 0342 as a co-requisite) and be placed into college-level writing (or take ENGL 0310/0349 as a co-requisite) Credit: 3 (3 lecture) Analyzes communication theory and mass media in the 20 th century society. Surveys history, operation and structure of the American communication system. Identifies major legal, ethical and socio-cultural issues, studies basic communication theory, and the interrelations between media and the individual, media and society, and media and the future. Examines career potential and job prospects in today’s and tomorrow’s electronic culture. Core curriculum course. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the course, the student should be proficient in the following competencies: 1. Understand and define the term mass communication 2. Understand and explain the functions of the mass media 3. Understand and describe the development of the print media 4. Understand and describe the development of radio and television 5. Understand and describe the development of the recording industry 6. Understand and describe the development of the film industry 7. Understand and explain the interrelationships between the above media 8. Understand the implications of electronic technology on the future of mass communication 9. Understand the implications of the internet on mass communication REQUIRED TEXT: Biagi, Shirley, Media Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media, 9th ENHANCED ed., published by Thompson/Wadsworth. ISBN: 978-0-495-79816-3 COURSE REQUIREMENTS : Actively participate in online discussions.
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