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chapter 11 notes - Chapter 11 Public Relations Whats Ahead?...

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Chapter 11 Public Relations What’s Ahead? • How Public Relations Grew • PR Helps Shape Public Opinion • PR Pioneer Issues “Declaration of Principles” • Government Recruits PR Professionals • Women Join PR Firms • Professionals Promote Ethics Codes • Public Relations at Work • Public Relations Joins Ad Agencies • Variety of Clients Use Public Relations • PR Professionals Must Be Versatile • Publicity Means Free Media • Public Relations Grows Globally Chapter Outline I. Introduction A. persuade : aim of PR. Like advertising, public relations is a media support industry B. public relations involves creating an understanding for, or goodwill toward, a company, a person or a product. C. similar yet different from advertising: 1. advertising is direct payment to promote product good service 2. publicity involves using the press to promote p,g,s, no direct money C. PR is more/less invisible to the public XII. Publicity Means Free Media A. Public relations workers publicity , which creates events and presents information so that the media and the public will pay attention. 1. News organizations get 100s press releases each week, decide what is “news”. a. Many business-related stories originate from press releases. 2. Publicity is free, and the media ultimately control the message; advertising is paid for, and the advertiser controls the content of the message.
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B. A study of The Wall Street Journal ½ news stories were based on press releases. II. How Public Relations Grew A. 1 st century: Augustus Caesar 1. commissioned statues of himself to enhance his public image. B. Today’s PR early 1900’s III. PR Helps Shape Public Opinion A. Modern PR business respond to the critical magazine stories. B. Theodore Roosevelt 1. feed public sentiment against abuses of industry antitrust campaign. IV. PR Pioneer Issues “Declaration of Principles” A. 1900: 1 st publicity firm, called the Publicity Bureau , opened in Boston 1. head off the growing public criticism of the railroad companies. B.
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chapter 11 notes - Chapter 11 Public Relations Whats Ahead?...

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