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chapter2.notes - Chapter 2 Books Chapter Outline I...

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Chapter 2: Books Chapter Outline I. Introduction A. Publishers - 40,000 individual titles annually. II. Publishers Nurture Ideas and Try to Make Money A. Publishing scholars: four characteristics of book publishing today: 1. The industry sells its product in a fickle and uncertain marketplace. 2. The industry is decentralized among a number of sectors. 3. The industry has a mixture of modern, mass-production methods and craft-like processes. 4. The industry is poised between the restrictions of commerce and the responsibilities as a guardian of the symbolic culture of the nation. B. Publishers: sales estimates - seek to reduce uncertainty III. How American Book Publishing Grew A. USA: First books imports brought by settlers; or ordered from England B. 1 st USA published book: 1640, The Bay Psalm Book (Cambridge) instant best seller . C. 1 st library: 1731, Ben Franklin and published his own book, Poor Richard’s Almanack. E. To expand readership, early publishers sold political pamphlets, novels, poetry and humor 1. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, which argued for independence from Great Britain. 2. best seller – helped inspire a revolution G. Fiction the focus 1. after Revolution, less politics, books combo of imports and new books 2. Colonial printers freely reprinted British novels.(but paid no royalties) 3. Women wrote 1/3 novels, women bought most of them. 4. Dime novels: popular through 1900’s 6. Poetry: never popular (except mid-1800s) H. Mark Twain 1. 1 st to recognize the importance of advance publicity.
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2. Twain hired people to sell his books door-to-door, with sales agents taking advance orders before the book was published. 3. 75% + popular books published before 1900 sold door-to-door I. Three event’s affected popularity of books in 20 th ct. 1. The International Copyright Law of 1891
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chapter2.notes - Chapter 2 Books Chapter Outline I...

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