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Australian School of Business School of Economics E CON 1101 M ICROECONOMICS 1 T UTORIAL P ROGRAM S EMESTER 2 2009 1
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TUTORIALS BEGIN IN WEEK 2. Students must attend only the tutorial in which they are officially enrolled. Attendance at other tutorials will not be recorded. Failure to attend the correct tutorial may lead to failure in the course. Each weekly tutorial consists of Problem Questions and Submission Questions. The purpose of these questions is to cover the core principles of a topic, provide some practice in using the principles for economic analysis and to identify the style of questions to be used in the final exam paper. Problem Questions The Problem Questions consist of selected end –of- chapter problems and exercises from the textbook, Frank, Jennings and Bernanke and other problem exercises. You should attempt each week’s set of questions before the tutorial. You should ask your tutor to explain any that you had difficulty with. You can also address these questions in PITSTOP or PASS or with your lecturer in their consultation hours. The answers to each week’s tutorials will be posted on the subject website the week after the tutorial. Submission Questions Weekly Submission Questions have been set for this course. In the first tutorial you will be assigned one Submission Question. You can elect to talk about your Submission Question in the relevant tutorial and to use about 10-15 minutes of the tutorial time to talking about it and asking the whole class how they think it should be answered. You can use the time to ask your tutor for guidance. Where two students are assigned the same question, the class discussion on the particular topic should take no more than 15 minutes. When deciding whether to use the class time for your questions you should keep in mind that you can not seek help on the topic from the lecturers, tutors, PITSTOP or PASS at a later date. You should type up your final answer in the form of a report of about 500 words. Where appropriate you should include diagrams. This report should be attached to the signed Assignment Cover Sheet (SEE THE COURSE WEBSITE) and given to your tutor in the following tutorial. This will be marked and returned to you in the following tutorial. Make sure you fill in all the details. If the assignment is not received in the following tutorial it will receive a mark of zero unless a suitable medical certificate (or equivalent) is attached. In this case you should notify the Course Administrator Thai Vinh Nguyen [email protected] Under no circumstances will reports be accepted via email. While only one or two students will be assigned a Submission Question each week, you should come to class prepared to participate in class discussion. Constructing practice answers is the best preparation for the written questions in the final exam. A mark out of 5 will be awarded for participation in class discussion and contribution to Submission Questions . 2
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TUTORIAL BOOKLET_2 - Australian School of Business School...

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