More Ethics - Wk2 - Before anything else I just want to...

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Before anything else, I just want to state that I think that this type of demand made of an accountant is blatantly unethical. There was no excuse of ignorance or altruism in it. Conservative though her approach may have been, there is no arguing the intention behind the directive. With that said, I only have a handful of options: a) I could get up and walk out on the grounds of moral objection, b) I could “just do it”, c) I could report her or d) I could object with an explanation. Walking out is a bit extreme and anyone with military exposure knows that reporting her without trying to solve the situation first is probably a bad idea. Just doing it is possible, and I would probably be successful, but it is also very unethical. An objection with a valid, fact-based explanation is the logical choice, but could also very easily lead right back to either A or B. On the off chance that I decided not to object, there is jurisprudence that backs up carrying out the directive, and will stand up to just about any argument the moral majority could throw at it. For the record, objection is the “right” avenue of approach, but doing it and then
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More Ethics - Wk2 - Before anything else I just want to...

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