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PSYC 3082 - Psyc 3082 Ch1 • The 19 th o General paresis...

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Unformatted text preview: Psyc 3082 Ch1- • The 19 th o General paresis ( syphilis) and the biological link with madness century Associated with sever unusual psychological and behavioral symptoms Louis Pasteur discovered the cause- a bacterial microorganism Led to penicillin as a successful treatment Bolstered the view that mental illness=physical illness and should be treated as such o Philippe pinel 5 forms of insanity • Mania, • melancholy with delirium, • without delirium, • dementia, • idiotism o Emil Kraepelin First to devise a classification system for mental illness Defined 2 major groups of disorders • Manic-depressive phy • Dementia precogs o Later became schizo • Further subdivided into 18 mental disorders o John grey and the reformers o Consequences of the biological tradition Mental illness= physical illness • The psychological tradition o The rise of moral therapy Encouraged deinstitutionalized and more humane treatments AKA menatal hygenine movement Involved more humane treatment of institutionalized patients Encourage and reinforced social interaction o Dorthoria Dix Proponent of moral therapy • Psychoanalytic Theory o Freudian theory of the structure and function of the mind o The structure of the mind ID- pleasure principle, illogical, emotional, irrational, illogical in thinking - infantile in wants and needs • If it wants something, wants now. Ego- reality principle, logical and rational • mediator Superego- moral principles, keeps ID and EGO in balance • Moral and ethical in thinking o Ex. Parent of the mind Intra physhcic conflict o Defense mechanisms: when the ego loses the battle with the id and superego Displacement and denial Rationalization and reaction formation Projection, repression, and sublimation o Psychosexual stages of development Oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital stages • Oedipus and Electra complex The unconscious level- all conflicts happens, but we are unaware Pre-conscious level- information that is easily brought from unconscious to conscious • Much of freud’s theory have not been proven o Many theories had strong sexual component Driven by sex and aggression o Anxiety reduction theory Our behaviors are designed to reduced one’s anxiety • Humanistic Theory o Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers o Major themes That people are basically good Humans strive toward self-actualization o Humanistic therapy Therapist conveys empathy(be able to understand emotions of another) and unconditional positive regard(not judging, accepting one for who they are) Minimal therapist interpretation • The behavioral Model o Deprived from a scientific approach to the understanding of human behavior and the study of psychopathology o 2 Classical condition • Ivan pavlov o Food- unconditioned stimulus o Salivate- unconditioned response o Bell- conditioned stimulus o Salivate after bell- conditioned response Operant conditioning •...
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PSYC 3082 - Psyc 3082 Ch1 • The 19 th o General paresis...

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