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MG 665 Managerial Communication Lesson #8 Assignment #1 1. How should corporate headquarters communicate the new planning procedure to the organization? Who should constitute the primary audience for communications about the planned change? Are there important secondary audiences? What role should written communications play in introducing the change? What role should oral communications play? The CEO should initially present the ideas orally and face-to-face with the managers to allow for questions and any input they might wish to contribute. While these ideas can be presented in a generalized overview format at first, details must be added, so there is minimal room for concern. This then allows for transparency in the proposals, so the managers will know exactly what corporate’s plans are. They should then follow up with a written proposal. This method will allow exposure to the new procedure initially but then also allow for some feedback. Any fine-tuning can be done before providing the details spelled out in written form to allow for reference and to reinforce what was discussed in the meeting. As pointed out, there needs to be a positive spin on the new planning procedure, so that the managers see that their autonomy is maintained. Corporate enthusiasm for the plan will likely become contagious, as the managers will believe that the company is putting their money where their mouth is. The primary audience is the former division managers from 1-A who will be affected the most. Department heads from 1-B can be the secondary audience, as they will be reporting to the division manager. 2. Who should be the primary source for communications about planning with each audience? What role should the CEO play? What role should the "responsible officer" play? In general, who should be the primary spokesperson(s) for the change? It would not be advisable to have the consultants present this new program. The CEO should be the initial communicator in conveying the new program to the responsible officers. The responsible officers then can relay the information downwards to the division mangers and operating department heads. Since the responsible officers are used to being decentralized, the CEO should reassure them that the new plan would be effective, as it has been well researched. If he can win them over through his enthusiasm for the plan and show that he is on board with the program, they may likely present the changes in the same manner. Although the CEO should do the communicating and be the primary spokesperson, it
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MG665L8A1 - MG 665 Managerial Communication Lesson #8...

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