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MG665 Managerial Communication Lesson #2 Assignment #2 1. Given Gilcrist’s overall situation at Yellowtail Marine, Inc., as you see it, what goals should she have in mind? Are any of these goals in conflict? Which should be her chief goal(s)? In that light, rank the items in the in-basket into three groups. a. Which items are most important? What should she do about them and why? b. Which items are important, but could wait? c. Which items are of lowest priority? What should she do about these less important items and why? She needs to assume leadership of the company with the primary goal of taking the company in the necessary directions to deal with the changing marine market. Once she meets with her executive staff and gathers the necessary marketing statistics, she and the team can decide the path to take. It seems that in 1976, in the midst of the energy crisis, the sailboat market would be profitable. And interestingly, powerboats and luxury vessels were gaining popularity at that time as well. These goals do conflict with the traditional markets of Yellowtail, but she needs to have a profitable business. She also needs to keep her employees happy, so she needs to assess the possible labor issues with the yard foreman to correct any issues there. Her other goals should involve safety: the safety of her employees and the safety of the environment. These goals may conflict with the goal of having a profitable company, but they are too important to be compromised. In terms of her memos and how they relate to her goals, she needs to make the labor relations and OSHA issues her first priority, as they are an immediate concern regarding her employees. She should meet with the OSHA representatives first as they are already at her office. She should take careful notes and arrange for follow up with the shop
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YellowtailMarine - MG665 Managerial Communication Lesson #2...

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