BA415L3A6 - hinting DRs and CRs and the amount in the...

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BA415- Lesson #3 Assignment #6 Adjusted Trial Balance Account Title Debit Credit Cash 600 Accounts Receivable 1,060 Prepaid Insurance 800 Supplies 900 Equipment 5,500 Accumulated Depreciation- Equipment 550 Accounts Payable 400 Wages Payable 360 Owner, Capital 6,550 Owner, Drawing 1,400 Service Revenue 8,900 Wages Expense 3,000 Rent Expense 1,500 Supplies Expense 900 Utilities Expense 600 Depreciation Expense- Equipment 500 16,760 16,760 1. Copy and paste the Closing Entries worksheet (below) to your Word document. Locate and fill in Closing Entries a, b, c, and d. Put the name of the closing entry next to the (
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Unformatted text preview: hinting ) DRs and CRs, and the amount in the appropriate Debit (DR) or Credit (CR) columns. Closing Entries a. DR CR b. DR CR CR CR CR CR c. DR CR d. DR CR 2. Copy and paste the Post-Closing Trial Balance worksheet (below) to your existing Word document. Enter the appropriate amounts for each account title in the correct column, then total the columns to produce your post-closing trial balance. Post-Closing Trial Balance Account Title: Debit Credit Cash Accounts Receivable Prepaid Insurance Supplies Land Equipment Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment Accounts Payable Owner, Capital...
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BA415L3A6 - hinting DRs and CRs and the amount in the...

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