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Unformatted text preview: Stephanie HallHawkins AC410-01 Unit 9 Project 16-38 a. A compilation report should be issued. b. A review report should be issued. c. No report is necessary. d. An audit report should be issued. e. An audit report should be issued for the financial statements that were audited and a review report should be issued for the quarterly statements. 16-40 The report should be identified as an auditors report with an appropriate title. This looks like it is just a letter. The report should be addressed to the board or whoever actually hired the auditor not to the controller. The introductory paragraph should state the auditors responsibility, it should also contain both years of financial statements that are referred to in the opinion paragraph. The introductory paragraph refers to all of the statements as of December 31, 2010, but the only item that this covers is the balance sheet because the other statements are for the years in which they ended....
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AC410-01_Unit_9_Project_HallHawkins - Stephanie HallHawkins...

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