HU300-20_Unit_2_Project_HallHawkins - Stephanie HallHawkins...

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Unformatted text preview: Stephanie HallHawkins HU300-20 Arts and Humanities Unit 2 Project The piece of architecture that I have chosen for this assignment is located right here in my hometown of Champaign, Illinois. The Assembly Hall opened on March 2, 1963 and continues to attract attention for its design and construction. Four hundred feet across, it at one time was one of only two edge-supported domes in the world. The roof is supported by 614 miles of one-quarter inch steel wire wrapped at the base of the dome under intensive pressure. The architect was Max Abramovitz, a distinguished University of Illinois alumnus. The best description I can give of this building is that it looks like a giant clam. The white cement roof with its impressive dome shaped design gives the viewer the feel that they are about to enter an enormous clam. Once one gets closer to the entranceways they are about to enter an enormous clam....
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HU300-20_Unit_2_Project_HallHawkins - Stephanie HallHawkins...

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