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ch 14 - 16 notes - Chapter 14 Adolescence VS Puberty....

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Chapter 14 Adolescence VS Puberty. Stanley Hall called adolescence an "in between period". Puberty is the two years of in between chid to adult, which gives you the ability to procreate. Primary Changes: reproductive organs: the ability to procreate. Secondary Changes: boobs, voice Adolescence is a lot of the state of mind: freemindedness and relaxed. At this time, there are more and more synaptic pruning, happening in the frontal lobe. the prefrontal cortex and the frontal lobe are the last to develop during puberty and thats why there is a lot of impulsivity in adolescence, but eventually it will grow. Adolescents do not got enough sleep. They need 9 hours of sleep but do not get 9 hrs. the way they try to get some of that sleep back is to sleep in the weekends. "Menarc" is the first period a girl will have. It used to be negative to have your period. Right of passage is like a bar mitzvah Body image: the average girl would like to weigh about 7 pounds less than themselves. family, culture, subculture can affect a girls view of themselves. the average girl should be eating 2200 calories, boy 2700 calories. Proana- its a type of website that says that anorexia is not a disease but a lifestyle choice. someone can go on a proana site and say "i ate some rice today". and someone replies "that was very bad. .. tomorow you can only eat lettuce". its like a pep group of support to stay anorexic. bulimia can unbalance your electrolytes in your system and make all your organs fail (like terry schiavo). Promia- is a type of pro-bulimia website. sometimes, the 3 behaviors of bulimia, anorexia and cutting all go together. cutters
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ch 14 - 16 notes - Chapter 14 Adolescence VS Puberty....

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