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(1842-1910) william james- “father of American psychology” all these sounds and sights hitting the baby and they haven’t yet been able to  make sense of them.  VISION: visual processinf requires 40-50% of our cerebral cortex function. fetus is not exposed to much visual stimulous retina forms. . dev forms in utero nerve pathways form. . development still occurs in uero vision-neonate can: track an object thru space, detect edges and contours, show contrast  sensitivity (brightness levels. . black and white), perceive color, show size  constancy, show shape constancy. . how do we know? newborns start scanning the environment moments after birth.
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Unformatted text preview: preferential looking technique: show baby to dif objects n see which object they look at more. . cat on left dog on right. . and looks at cat more. cat looks novel (new object), likes color of cat, cat is more interesting shape wise, prefers looing left. . if we do this many times and cats and dogs on different sides. . then we can see which he just likes and he knows how to differentiate. . preferred loking. . schematic face and scrambled face. . babies prefer the schematic, real looking faces....
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