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cliff experiment. . learning how to move abt in the world changes the way u  perceive things. The visual cliff (Campos) - depth perception  The moving room (Campos)- peripheral vision  T Practice moving through space  (Campos) – joy stick on the moving car. . Integrating Perceptual Information with New Modes of Self- Locomotion Karen Adolph - slope studies- put baby on slopes. . ur walking skills dsnt  matter. . if walking, experienced ones wont but the ones that aren’t will. . m unsafe slopes changing mode of locomotion. . Walking Experienced walkers - won’t walk down unsafe slopes Inexperienced walkers - will walk down unsafe slopes   Habituation: A decrease in response to repeated stimulation, revealing 
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Unformatted text preview: that learning has occurred. (until u make it rly boring. .) • Habituation is the simplest form of learning and the one first seen in infants. habituate until bore. . and then show the test. . to dishabituate: to make “unbored” bird, bird, bird, bird, bird, teredactile. . ohh birdie- interested, oh another bird, bird again- losing interest, another bird- glances looks away, bored… teredactile. . wth? Ohhh look. . interested again. .-What can dishabituation tell us? • Discrimination. . they know the difference between bird and terdactile, colors. . • Memory. . babies can remember things. . they just saw that. . • Categorization. . the kinds of categories they are able to form. ....
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