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citizenkane notes theater2

citizenkane notes theater2 - Ordinary World their life how...

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Ordinary World - their life how they live, and then at some point early on in the film in that first act within the first 30 min leads to the CALL OF ADVENTURE. Call to Adventure- it’s something exciting a big event that happens. Heros can be broken down 2 categories 1) Willing hero- one who is committed to taking this adventure, committed to taking the journey they want adventure. Self motivated brave courageous. 2) Reluctant hero- or unwilling hero. This person is resistant to taking the journey they don’t want to go but they are pushed into it due to circumstances. Ex. G-d father who joins side of family even though doesn’t want to but it seems best so he does anyways. LAWRENCE IS A WILLING HERO- EXAMPLE OF PERFORMANCE IN AN EPIC WHERE HE DOESN’T HAE TO PLAY IT BIG- MORE POWERFUL WHEN YOU DON’T TRY TO PLAY IT BIG ACORDING TO SHUSTARI. One of the actor’s tries to interview Lawrence Exposition- history of character/story helps to tell audience background of character. In Lawrence of Arabia we learn his
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  • Lawrence of Arabia, T.E. Lawrence, Epic film, unwilling hero, Lawrence Exposition- history, Lawrence notices guy

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