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western hero notes - The Westren Hero -Independent -strong...

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The Westren Hero -Independent -strong -brave -man -The Westeren is considered the most American of genres. -Western’s were produced in other countries, but considered a very American genre, it is one of the oldest. 1903- “The Great Train Robbery” Recognizing plots and characters, horses, the cowboys vs. Indians as opposed to Native Americans -The Great Frontier- The Desert-- Western Time Period- around the civil war around the turn of the century. -“The Wild One” 1913 Theme- focuses on taming of the wilderness along with the wildness of human being and taming the human being. In the East civilization started earliar as opposed to the West where outlaws could be found. The stories themselves are mhythologized; the great western hero is raised up to be a strong, brave human being. Example: Wyott Sheriff- a real guy his legend was built up, through western and stories he was held up to very high standards. High Noon- 1952 Themes- what is a community, loyalty and courage. Actors in High Noon- Gary Cooper- he had already been in movie business for 30 years and is probably one of the top 5 actors in film in
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western hero notes - The Westren Hero -Independent -strong...

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