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Memorylearning 1 - encoding indexes In this process...

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MEMORY AND LEARNING (YOU) (YOU) Attention -> Encoding -> Storage -> Retrieval Alertness Acoustic Code – Sound Repetition Attentiveness Visual Code – Appearance Elaboration Concentration Semantic Code – Meaning Organization Episodic code – Emotions Association Adding to existing knowledge Asking questions Answering questions Needed: A.K.A. PROCESSING Interest Motivation Strength of Memory depends upon How deeply the information is processed! The process of encoding refers not only to the information being memorized, but also to its context: environmental, cognitive, and emotional. Also, using mnemonic devices to associate ideas and images helps us to create links that facilitate encoding.
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Retrieval (recall) of memories involves active mechanisms that make use of
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Unformatted text preview: encoding indexes. In this process, information is temporarily copied from long-term memory into working memory, so that it can be used there. The more a memory has been encoded, elaborated, organized, and structured, the easier it will be to retrieve . Two categories of Retrieval: recall and recognition. Recall involves actively reconstructing the information, more difficult, because it requires the activation of all the neurons involved in the memory in question Recognition only requires a decision as to whether one thing among others has been encountered before. Even if a part of an object initially activates only a part of the neural network concerned, that may then suffice to activate the entire network....
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Memorylearning 1 - encoding indexes In this process...

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