plants2 - COLLENCHYMA CELLS Plant Cells that SUPPORT the...

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COLLENCHYMA CELLS: Plant Cells that SUPPORT the Growing Parts of Plants. The cell walls of Collenchyma Cells are thicker than those of Parenchyma Cells. Collenchyma cell walls are also irregular in shape. The thicker cell walls provide more support for the plant. They have THICK Walls, STRETCHABLE Cell Walls that provide FLEXIBILITY SUPPORT. Collenchyma cells are usually grouped in Strands. They are specialized for supporting regions of the Plant that are Still Lengthening. The Tough String of a Celery Stalk (Stems) is made of Collenchyma Cells. Collenchyma cells. Note the thick walls on the collenchyma cells occurring at the edges of the Medicago stem cross section. SCLERENCHYMA CELLS: Support the NON-Growing Parts of plants. Sclerenchyma cells have thick, even rigid cell walls. They support and strengthen the plant in areas where growth is No Longer Occurring. They Have THICK, NONSTRECHABLE Cell Walls. The Cells Walls are so THICK that the Cell USUALLY DIES at maturity, providing a frame to support the plant. WHEN THEY MATURE, MOST SCLERENCHYMA CELLS ARE EMPTY CHAMBERS SURROUNDED BY THICK WALLS. THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF SCLERENCHYMA CELLS: FIBERS - CELLS UP TO 50 cm LONG THAT USUALLY OCCUR IN STRANDS. FABRIC SUCH AS LINEN AND FLAX ARE MADE OF THESE FIBERS.
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SCLEREIDS - HAVE THICKER CELLS WALLS THAN FIBERS, HAVE MANY SHAPES, AND CAN OCCUR SINGLY OR IN SMALL GROUPS. The gritty texture of a pear is from Sclereids it contains. Sclereids also cause the Hardness of a peach pit and a walnut shell. Seed Plants all have One Common Problem: HOW TO GET WATER FROM THE GROUND UP THE STEM TO THE LEAVES? WATER-CONDUCTING CELLS: Xylem is a term applied to woody ( lignin -impregnated) walls of certain cells of plants. Xylem cells tend to conduct water and minerals from roots to leaves . Thick secondary cell walls, often deposited unevenly in a coil-like
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plants2 - COLLENCHYMA CELLS Plant Cells that SUPPORT the...

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