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ASSIGNED READING LIST OUTLINE - Tribal conflicts What to do...

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Barber. Jihad vs McWorld Gaffney. Top Ten Post- Cold War Myths BBC NEWS | Business | Can globalisation be tamed? Belt. Struggle For the Soul of Pakistan Colgan. Darfur: No More 'Never Again' Heart of the Matter Erdem. Clash Of Civilizations Revisited Florida. The World is Spiky Garthoff. Looking Back: The Cold War in Retrospect Huntington. Clash of Civilizations India's Untouchables (National Geographic, June 2003) Lewis. Roots of Muslim Rage Prunier. The Politics of Death in Darfur Rumrill.
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Unformatted text preview: Tribal conflicts: What to do? Schlabach. A Sense of History The Nation State is Dead. Long Live the Nation State. The New York Times Magazine. Excerpts from It's a Flat World, After All Video - NCCCS EWD didyouknow Weiler. Did Reagan Win The Cold War? Forget About Fidel GangsDrugsTerrorismAndInfoSharing WhoWillControlFutureOfAmazon Friedman. "The World is Flat" - key points Your location: Home Page › Assigned Readings List...
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