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Checklist - weekly assignments Review the Web Links Review...

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SSC 305 – ONLINE COURSE CHECKLIST Read the Syllabus Carefully. Pay special attention to the Grading section and the Course Requirements section. Review all the links on the Course Content Page (Home Page) Review all the links on the Menu (See the left hand side of the page. Read ÒHow to Take this CourseÓ Read the ÒDue Dates.Ó Check the Course Calendar for corresponding information. Open the Assigned Readings articles (On the Home Page) Can you open all the articles? Open the Learning Modules (Please note that this is where you will access your
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Unformatted text preview: weekly assignments. Review the Web Links Review the Discussions Introduce yourself on the Welcome and Introductions Discussion thread. Respond to your Instructor (by email using the mail client inside the course. This check-in email should acknowledge that youÕve read the Syllabus, completed this checklist, and that you understand the course requirements. Post any questions you have on the Discussion Board....
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