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How to Access the Video Resources *Even though you can access the site directly, you may find it useful to follow these steps on the first access just to see what is available to you as a GWU student. Go to GWU Dover Library: At the top of the page youÕll see five dropdown tabs. Choose Find ResourcesÓ Choose ÒOnline Databases and Journals ( online-databases/by-subject/index.html ) Scroll down to ÒHistory DatabasesÓ Choose ÒAmerican History in VideoÓ ( ) (Direct link to the videos.) This is a login page. Use the same User Name and Password that you utilize for the MyWebb course. At the ÒWelcome to American History in Video, locate the ÒHistorical ErasÓ on the left
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Unformatted text preview: hand side of the page. Take note that while most of the ÒerasÓ are in chronological sequence, there are some out of sequence. Our course starts with ÒThe Guilded Age & Progressive Era (1876-1913). Keep in mind that other course videos will be in other Òeras.Ó We use the Media Rich Learning series on ÒAmerica in the 20 th Century:É.Ó For this first video, click on ÒAmerica in the 20 th Century: America becomes a World Power.Ó Other videos can be accessed following the same directions. This is a fantastic resource. I strongly encourage sampling these resources. As a GWU student these resources are included in your fees. Take advantage of this valuable resource while you have student access....
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