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ISMS - common nomenclature for the course Additional terms...

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Common "Isms" and terms associated with 20 th century political and economic ideologies. Nationalism Socialism Communism Marxism Leninism Marxism-Leninism Fascism National Socialism Totalitarianism Maoist Imperialism Capitalism Mixed Economy Liberalism Conservatism Classical Liberalism Industrial Economy Command Economy Feminism Global Economy Protectionism Free Trade Internationalism Colonialism Ethnic Cleansing Agrarianism Developing Nation Preindustrial Economy Modernism Fundamentalism Religious Fundamentalism Inflation Recession Depression Stagflation Ethnic Nationalism This is not a definitive list, but is a good start toward eliminating misconceptions and giving us a
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Unformatted text preview: common nomenclature for the course. Additional terms will be introduced as the course progresses. Also, some concepts, such as Nationalism, will be explored in greater detail in the coming weeks. Be sure to become familiar with these terms using Word IQ , a handy online encyclopedia and dictionary. Wikipedia.com also is a handy resource for these terms (see the Web Sites for Week 01). You should also conduct some other research and reading as you grapple with these concepts or terms. Don't forget to use the Discussion thread set aside for the Quiz Preview....
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