LEARNING MODULES - Learning Modules Week 01 02(8/17-8/30...

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Learning Modules The first "weekly" Learning Module will cover the first two and a half weeks of the course for two reasons: 1) The first few weeks are a time of multiple drop/add students, working out technical glitches, and settling into a routine. While you can work ahead, my intent is that we progress as a class together. The combined first two weeks will give us time to settle in as a group. 2) The terminology for the course is, for most of you, a new "nomenclature." But, to become familiar with the terms, or as I've labeled them, "the Isms" is essential to fully understanding your assigned readings including the text. There are many terms, socialism for just one example, that can have multiple shades of meanings that can be colored by political positions, historical context, or theoretical underpinnings. This first Learning Module is a crash course in the terminology of the course and the concepts/history behind the terms. As a result there is emphasis on the "isms" and particular emphasis on "nationalism," a complex term that is at the core of the textbook's view on the latter half of the 20th century. Don't get frustrated as you struggle with these concepts. By the end of the course these terms will be part of your working course vocabulary. Also, don't be overwhelmed with the number of Web Links. The ONLY required Web Link for this Learning Module is the Nationalism Project. The other Web Links are a list of resources that you may find handy reference resources as the course progresses. This week's deadlines are: Required Discussions for Week 01 Due 9/6 by 11:59pm. This week focuses on the various forms and nature of totalitarianism and how the outcome WWII affected the 2nd half of the 20th century. The quiz preview includes some questions that aren't found directly in either the text or the assigned video and may require some light outside research. That is ok and this is intended entirely to create some additional background information. Don't be shy and post your questions about the quiz preview on the quiz preview discussion thread. I also want to point out that the quiz preview is NOT required work; it is a
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LEARNING MODULES - Learning Modules Week 01 02(8/17-8/30...

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