SYLLABUS - SYLLABUS*Please note that your instructor...

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SYLLABUS *Please note that your instructor reserves the right to change the course schedule, add to or alter assignments, or to make reasonable changes to the syllabus during the life of the course. Global Understanding - Online SSC 305 Instructor: Lewis Edwards (H) 910-572-2539 (*Please do not call after 11pm) (e-mail)[email protected] *Once in the course, only use the internal course email client! After the first week I may not answer emails from outside the course email client. Office Hours Since this is an online course I don't have a physical office or set office hours but I am available to you by email, in the discussion room, by phone, or in a chat room. The best time to reach me by phone is at home in the evenings. However, only use the phone when absolutely necessary. If you have general course question post it on the Discussion Board. Chances are your classmates have the same question. Use email (using the email system inside the course) for any personal questions. Important GWU Phone Numbers/Web Sites: GOAL Office: 704-406-4484, Toll Free 800-288-GOAL (4265) o Inclement Weather: 1-877-GWU-SNOW (toll free 877-489-7669) GWU Library: GWU Registrar : www.gardner- GWU Career Services: Dover Library: GOAL Centers: Course Description The purpose of this course is to survey the forces that have shaped our world since 1945. The emphasis is on the interplay of ideas and the forces generated by major social, economic, and political events or trends. Required Text Daniel R. Brower. The World Since 1945: A Brief History . (2nd edition or later) Supplemental Reading
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In addition to the text, there are some assigned Web Links, online handouts, and articles to be accessed through the Dover Library Online Databases. ( ) Supplemental Media Assigned Media. Recently the Dover Library has added an excellent source of history videos that are available for streaming and there are assignments made from those videos. To access those videos following the following instructions: o Go to the Dover Library site ( ). o Choose Online Databases by Subject. ( http://www.gardner- ) o Scroll down to and choose American History in Video ( http://ezproxy.gardner- ) o YouÕll be prompted for a User Name and Password. This is the same as the ones used for login to MyWebb. o
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SYLLABUS - SYLLABUS*Please note that your instructor...

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