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Grade Worksheet *Please note that you must replace the sample grades with your actual grades.  Simply Replace the current numbers with your actual grades. Quizzes Quiz01 Quiz02 Quiz03 Quiz 04 Quiz05 Quiz06 Quiz07 Quiz08 Quiz09 Quiz10 100 80 75 80 60 75 86 90 87 90 823 84.78 42.39 Discussion 88 26.4 Final ExamGrade 90 18 Final Grade 42.39 26.4 18 86.79 The Weighted Grade Worksheet below has example values.  Simply replace the "example" grades with your actual grades to generate an  accurate grade projection.  You have access to your quiz grades and should remove all the quiz grades listed below and insert your actual  quiz grades as the course progresses.  I'll send new Discussion Points Earned periodically and you can replace the "88" with your actual 
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Unformatted text preview: number earned. That number should increase as the semester advances. The Final Exam isn't taken until the end of the course and should be deleted until the quiz is taken. To be exempt from the Final Exam as a Graduating Senior with an A average on all other work, 74.4 points earned is the magic number. Post any questions you have about the Grade Worksheet on the Discussion set up for Weighted Grading. Total Pts Grade Avg. Weighted Grade (50%) Disc Pts Earned Weighted Grade (30%) Weighted Grade (20%) Quiz Grade Disc Grade Final Exam Grade Final Grade...
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